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Welcome to Bridgewater!


Useful Information

Congratulations! You’ve chosen to buy a home in one of the most desirable neighborhoods in the Pooler area. The homeowner’s association has put together this helpful information to assist with your move to our community. Here’s some things to know about your neighborhood.


Association website: Bridgewater HOA

You become a member of the association when you purchase a home. One of the first things you’ll want to do is to register on our website. Your e-mail address and password will be the “key” to accessing the member-only part of the website which includes a secure membership directory as well as other helpful items. Remember it is your responsibility to make sure to keep your account updated with your most current information.

Sign up with Bridgewater here: Bridgewater HOA

New User: Select “Register” at the top right corner and follow prompts. Your request will be submitted for the Board to review and approve.

Current User: Select “Log In” at the top right corner and sign in.


Sentry Property Management: Sentry

Our association has partnered with Sentry Property Management Company, whose job it is to help assist the Board in the daily running of the business of Bridgewater. It is important that each homeowner has a Sentry Account in addition to their Bridgewater account, to receive official communications, request ARB approval, pay annual assessments and more.

Sign up with Sentry here: Sentry My Account

New Users: Select “ New User Registration” and follow the prompt to get setup.

Current User: Enter User ID and Password and select Log In

Alternatively you can email: [email protected] Make sure to have “Bridgewater” in the subject line otherwise the email will go unread.

Facebook Page: Official Bridgewater HOA

Bridgewater has a community facebook page that you can voluntarily connect with.

Kindly note the facebook page is NOT an official communication vehicle from the HOA Board. The page is designed as a community bulletin board allowing residents to communicate with each other. Membership to the facebook page is a privilege and as long as members remain civil and follow the guidelines of the page there is no issue. We do not have to agree however we will remain civil and respectful. “Stirring the pot” or attacking fellow homeowners (including Board members), property management company, etc will not be tolerated and failure to follow these guidelines can/will get you removed from the group.  

While Board members are in the group, the Board is not/will-not be monitoring the facebook page in any official capacity. Suggestions, issues, complaints, etc. should be routed through the proper channels so they can be addressed and resolved. Official communications from the HOA Board will come via Sentry- mailings, email blasts (e-blasts), etc. or via Bridgewater’s Website- email blasts (e-blasts) notices, etc.


Utilities & Services

Pooler Police Non-Emergency Line: 912-748-7333

Electric:  Georgia Power
  Service- 1-888-660-5890 M-F 8am-5pm     Outage- 1-888-891-0938

Water/Sewer/Trash: City of Pooler Public Works 912-748-4800

Telephone/ Broadband: AT&T or 800-288-2020           Comcast/Xfinity

Our Bridgewater Community

Our subdivision was built in five phases and has earned a reputation for aesthetics and upkeep. The Restrictions and Covenants that we all agreed to abide by when purchasing a property in Bridgewater, help to preserve the values and amenities of our community. Items to know as you settle into our community.

    • Any new building additions, swimming pool, deck modifications or other structure must be approved by the Architectural Review Board in ADVANCE of any work commencing.
    • No parking is allowed on lawns or in common areas. Parking is to be limited to your garage, driveway, and in a temporary bases the street. 
    • No Permanent outside storage of motor homes, trailers, boats or other recreational vehicles is allowed. If camping and recreational equipment is parked or stored outside of a garage, it shall be parked or stored to the rear of the front building line of the lot. This means that no boats or other recreational equipment maybe stored in your driveway. Please note this is a city ordinance and supersedes our CC&R, which means the city will ask you to move your equipment and can possibly assess a fine.
    • No tree maybe cut down without obtaining prior approval from the HOA Board, unless the tree is less than 5” in diameter.It is best to get approval no matter the size of the tree to be safe. 
    • Our streets are public and property of the City of Pooler. Issues with the streets, speeders, etc should be relayed to the appropriate departments, i.e.police, Pooler City of public works, etc. 
    • We are a NO Soliciting Neighborhood. Any solicitation should be reported to the Pooler Police Department.

We encourage every homeowner to be involved and participate in our community. Our association will remain a gem in Pooler to live & play if we are all committed to building healthy relationships with our fellow neighbors.


Bridgewater Homeowners Association Board Members